Declaration of birth and request for children’s passports

Children born in Italy, Albania, Republic of San Marino and Cyprus having the right to obtain Thai citizenship, parents may report the birth and request a birth certificate as well as a Thai passport for their children at the Thai Embassy, by presenting the following documents

      For the above mentioned documents, it is necessary to have documents legalized from the Procura della Repubblica.
        1. Certificate of assistance to the birth indicating the time and weight at birth, paternity, maternity, and indicating the nationality of birth, released by the Hospital
        2. Birth certificate of the newborn released by the City Council, indicating first name, surname and nationality of parents
    • One photo of the child


    Certificate of eventual change of name or surname ( depending on the case)
      1. Marriage certificate (for cases in which a marriage was not contracted according to Thai law, it is necessary to have document legalized from the Procura della Repubblica)
      2. Personal documents of parents : identity card and passport

Death certificate

The Royal Thai Embassy in Rome can release a death certificate to Thai citizens or foreigners in possession of the authorization to obtain residence in Thailand, based on the immigration norms of year 2522 of the Buddhist era (1979 in the Christian era)

Documents necessary for the issuance of death certificate are the following:

  1. A declaration from the Hospital stating the death, along with the cause, date and time of death and in case that the deceased was hospitalized before the death, the duration of hospitalization as well as the death certificate and authorization for burial or cremation released by the City Council (For the above mentioned documents it is necessary to obtain a sworn translation into English or Thai at the Pretura and the legalization at the Procura della Repubblica)
  2. The documents concerning the deceased, such as the passport, identity card and certificate of family status
  3. The documents concerning the person that carried out the notification, such as passport, identity card or certificate of family status

Nulla Osta for marriage

Documentation to be enclosed with the request of nulla osta for marriage.

Thai citizens who stay in Italy and wish to contract marriage to the Italian law have to forward the following documents :

A. As for Thai citizens:

  1. Certificate on single status issued by the residing City Council in Thailand. This Certificate has to be legalized by the Legalization Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok (Department of Consular Affairs, Chaeng Watthana Road). This certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of its issuance.
  2. Birth certificate or substitutive declaration including the following information:
    • date, month, year and place of birth ;
    • parents’names.
  3. Passport.
  4. Family certificate
  5. Identity card
  6. Certificate of eventual changes of name.
  7. As for divorced women, according to the Thai law, their application can be filed at least 310 days from the date of divorced. Therefore, it is necessary to show the divorced certificate or the originale divorce registration.
  8. One passport-size photo.
  9. 1 photocopy of the said documents have to be enclosed as well.


N.B. The said documents have to be legalized by the Legalization Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok.

B. As for Italian citizens:

  1. Original Passport and photocopy.
  2. Identity Card and photocopy.
  3. Certificate of marital status legalized by the Prefettura.
  4. Employment Declaration Letter by the Employer and Payroll. For business owners, the registration of Chamber of Commerce and Bank Statement are required.
  5. One passport-size photo.



  1. All documents issued by Italian authorities: (Ministries, Italian Companies etc.) in italian language, must be translated into English language. The translation must then be sworn at the Legalizations Office of the Tribune, as well as be legalized by the Legalizations Office of the Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale. If the documents are already in English, the signature on the documents must be legalized by the Legalizations Office of the Chamber of Commerce, the Prefecture etc.
  2. Documents are to be presented in original, with photocopies and may be collected after two working days.

15 Euro per legalization

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